Pyramid Quest for Immortality is an amazing video slot that has been in existence since 2015. The game was released by Netent equipped with 720 different symbol combination. This is one of the highest bet ways you will find among video slots. If you want to learn more, you can visit

How to play

The gameplay is quite easy to follow. If you have a high bankroll, you can start spinning the reels based on the default settings of the game. However, if your bankroll is limited, you should consider adjusting the bet size to suit your bet. To get better understanding, you can check out pegsgifted .

You can do this by setting up the levels and also the coin value option. The levels option can be adjusted between 1 and 10. The higher the value you set, the bet that you make for each round. Also, you should adjust the value of the coin. This can be set between 0.01 and 2.

  • You can use the max bet option to bet with the maximum bet

The autoplay feature

If you have a high bankroll and you want to start with the smallest bet, it can take a while to rack up a lot of spins on the reel. These spins will need to be done manually and it can get boring very quickly. This is where the autoplay option comes into play.

The autoplay feature allows you to spin the reel automatically. When you click on the feature, an option of different numbers pop up. These numbers denote the number of spins that will be done automatically. When you select a number and click ok, the spin begins, however, it will continue based on the bet size set.


The Wild symbol

The wild symbol is one amazing feature you will find on this slot and it is the most prominent of all. The wild is the ankh symbol in a box with an Egyptian like design. The symbol substitute for all symbol anywhere on the reels. This is what makes the symbol special.

An important characteristic of the wild is the wild generation. You can have different descendants of the wild as you play the video slot. The concept is quite simple. When a symbol sits on reels 2, 3, and 4. This symbol has the potential of being a wild generation and add to your win.

  • However, it must be a part of the wild generation.

The Avalanche multiplier.

The avalanche multiplier is a feature that features a dramatic flair in the game. You can follow up on the multiplier by looking at the staff by the statue to the left of the reel. This staff has three levels of orb on it and the orb at the top is the largest.

The avalanche multiplier works in such a way that after every 3 successive avalanche the multiplier increases by one. If you have just two successive avalanches the multiplier does not trigger and you have to start all over. The avalanche should also have at least one bet way win for it to be counted.

  • You can have as much as 10 multipliers.

Symbol payout values.

There are different symbols that you will come across and these symbol has its own intrinsic values. The biggest of them is the Pharaoh. This symbol can pay as high as 50 coins. However, you will need at least three of those to get a win out of it on the reel.

The next highest symbol of the Pharaoh is the queen. The queen has a value as high as 25 coins. However, you need to land three or more of the queen to get any coins. The beetle is another symbol and it pays between 3 and 10 coins. The remaining pay between two and ten